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an interdisciplinary performance

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Womb is a performance by the artists susanna ylikoski and Ariel Hayun in collaboration with the musician César B., that shares an auditive-image of the dancing body. 

A microphone taped to the skin captures sounds coming from inside the body of the dancers. Sounds that are normally hidden become audible placing the dancers in a situation of exposure.


By making audible the points of emissions, trajectories and durations of body movements, a prevalence of sound is created in the performance space, questioning how sound informs, affects, and transforms the perception of bodies. The synchronous act of sharing the movement and its sound creates a paradoxical world where we are both the observer and the observed: namely meeting with the impossibility to coincide with one another and oneself.



Concept: Cesar B. and susanna ylikoski

Music & Composition: Cesar B.

Dance & Choreography: susanna ylikoski and Ariel Hayun

Lights: Dennis Dieter Kopp

Premier: Blanck Check Festival, Dock11 Berlin, 2022

Further shows: Artes Berlin, April 2022

Filmed by: Froilán Urzagasti

Supported by: Gema, Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung fur Kultur und Medium, Neu start Kultur

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