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an interdisciplinary performance

Screenshot 2022-04-12 at 13.01.05.png a performance collaboration between dance artists Susanna Ylikoski and Ariel Hayun, and musician César Balleyguier: where they share an auditive-imaginary of the dancing body. The work premiered, by commission, in Christian Awe’s HeartBeat exhibition, in Kunsthalle Rostock (2020).

The performance questions, how does sound inform, affect, and transform the embodied image of the bodies in situ. The synchronous act of sharing the movement and its sound, creates a paradoxical world: where we are forced to be both the observer and the observed.



Concept & Painting: Christian Awe
Performance Concept: Susanna Ylikoski & Cesar B.
Music & Composition: Cesar B.
Dance & Choreography: Susanna Ylikoski & Ariel Hayun
Lights: Dennis Dieter Kopp

Supported by: Gema, Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung fur Kultur und Medium, Neu start Kultur

Premier: HeartBeat. Kunsthalle Rostock, Germany 2020

Further shows: I, SEA. Kunstverein Cobourg, Germany 2021 Perspectives. 

Blanck Check Festival, Dock11 Berlin, 2022

Artes Berlin, April 2022

Press material: KunstOrte-mv Newsletter

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