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Un-naming Collaboration

a collaborative performance research

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‚Continuing with what has started without knowing it has‘ was the first chapter of the research on un-naming and collaboration of artists Susanna Ylikoski and Raz Mantell. We approached the thematic through the act of walking and taking a walk. Our sub questions revolved around questioning female bodies and ownership. The research was shared in a performative frame in Dock11 theater in Berlin in 2022, where the audience was invited to engage with the research through both viewing a dance score and reading a booklet archiving the research material. The work was invited later to perform at Stadt theater Spandau Art in the City project in 2023. 

‚Continuing containing‘ is the 2nd chapter of the research, where we look at water. Water is indifferent and yielding as it has no form of its own, it has no self: no inside nor outside. Yet, it always has a shape as it takes the form of the other. Water both contains and is contained. Our work reflects like water does, on the mundane beauty that comes forth from a positioning of multiple perspectives. We do not want to be water, but rather like water be containers and be contained. The 2nd chapter was shared in a performative frame in Dock11 in 2023. 



Dance and choreography: Raz Mantell and Susanna Ylikoski

Sound: Raz Mantell and Susanna Ylikoski
Dramaturgical assistance: p
eter pleyer


Premier: Dock11, June 2022

Further shows: Stadt theater Spandau (DE) January 2023, Dock11 Berlin (DE) September 2023

Supported by: Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, Neu Start Kultur, DIS-TANZEN funds


Press article: michela filzi: On "continuing" and containing

Up-coming: Residency at Ada Studios Berlin November 2023

Residency at 4fürtanz Leipzig tba 2024

Photos: From the 1st phase 'Continuing with what has started without knowing it has', by Andras Szombathy 

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