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Susanna Ylikoski (Fi) is active as a dance artist and author, and is one of the founding members of nein9 kollektiv. She received a diploma in dance from SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (AU, 2019).  


As a dancer, she has worked with, amongst others, choreographers Ceren Oran (Urge, 2021; Who is Frau Troffea, 2019), Alma Edelstein-Feinsilber (Ode to Phanes, 2020/2021/2022), Barnaby Booth (Skeleton, Nice, 2020; Ilona, 2018), Omer Keinan (Azathoth, 2022; The New Fire Ceremony, 2019/2020/2022), Rotem Weissman (A G A D A, 2022; BAUHAUS, 2018/2019/2021), and Julyen Hamilton (Collecting Water, 2018); visual artists Moritz Macje and Sandra Man (Aeon, 2020). She has been an active member in TRAK Dance Ensemble (AU) since 2018. 


As a choreographer she works interdisciplinary and site-specific. Their past creations include eventually, 2021/2022 with musician Jonathan Nagel; womb, 2022, with musician Cesar B. and dance artist Ariel Hauyn; and the "Continuing"-series with dance artist Raz Mantell. 


As an author, she has been a member of Stream. Live Art Writing by Tanzfabrik Berlin (DE) since 2020. Her dance reviews have been published in Tanzfabrik Berlin magazines Fall 2021 and Memories and Reflections 2022-2023. Her short prose “Diary Blue'' was published by the magazine Care Where Zine (issue POOetry, 2020). Their short prose “A confession game” was published by the Greek Ministry of Culture, in the book Are you here? Zine in 2021. 

artistic statefem

In the tradition of Finnish storytelling the teller repeats each word until they fall in their right place and are charged with content I’d like to think that with the practice of writing and dancing I practice the saturation of potential(it)y writing about dance and dancing about writing is for me an attempt to bridge the communication between the body and the mind are instable in the(ir) nature of writing is to go against the entropy of thought for to momentarily allow words to exist in form and colour is perverse but contains tremendous power.


Centre de Pompidou, Paris France, with Sam Huzckowski. 2017


Muffathalle, Munich Germany.  2019

49734919_10217839707214989_6861225511083835392_n (2).jpg

If it's not possibl, Salzburg Austria. 2019

exit sign black and white.jpg

Exit sign, Salzburg Austria. 2017

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